ITV Studios

The UK's biggest production and distribution company is making it big on the world stage. ITV Studios makes, distributes and sells over 40,000 hours of high quality television around the globe.

Our worldwide audience is growing fast and they're falling in love with home grown shows made by us and our partners.


UK Production

We have a team of people at ITV Studios who are well known for making great entertainment, factual and lifestyle shows. And top quality drama, quiz shows, talk shows and reality television are also part of their repetoire. ITV Studios don't just make tv shows for their colleagues at ITV, they make them with pride for our very good friends at the BBC, Channel 4, Five, Sky and a few more besides.


International Production

If you're going to make it big, make it at the biggest show in town. We're talking about the USA, where we've become the fastest growing tv production company thanks to a slate of successful shows from ITV Studios America and our new colleagues at Gurney, High Noon and ThinkFactory. Ratings are going through the roof. And local audiences in Australia, France, Germany and the Nordics are also tuning into shows made by us especially for them.


ITV Studios Global Entertainment

We've got a whole world to entertain. ITV Studios Global Entertainment works in close partnerships to bring a wide range of television and film to audiences wherever they may be. We're one of the world's leading international TV distribution and consumer products businesses responsible for representing over 40,000 hours of award winning, prestigious and top quality programming to more than 3000 international broadcasters.